About Megaprojects New Media

Joy Parr

Canada Research Chair
Technology, Culture, Risk
Dept of Geography,
University of Western Ontario

Jon van der Veen

Ph.D. Candidate, Joint Doctorate in Communication
Concordia University

Jessica van Horssen

Ph.D. Candidate, History
University of Western Ontario

About Content

Photos of the Scott mats in "Gagetown: Changes from Above" courtesy of Larry E Dubord, The Happy Hookers (privately published, 1988), available at the Queens County Historical Society and Museum.

"Gagetown" background image courtesy of kiddharma, "Nuclear" background image courtesy of Studio7 Designs. "Nuclear" images courtesy of Chris Rogers, Regine Hervy.

"Arrow Lakes" various video clips and audio courtesy of Mike Halleran, Ray Greene, and CBC Vancouver.

Song "Expropriation News" performed by Willard Clarke. Music and soundtrack for "Asbestos" by Jessica van Horssen.

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Related Academic Contributions

Parr, Joy, Jessica van Horssen, and Jon van der Veen. "The Practice of History Shared across Differences: Needs, Technologies, and Ways of Knowing in the Megaprojects New Media Project." Journal of Canadian Studies, Volume 43(1) (Winter 2009).

Parr, Joy. "Smells Like?: Sources of Uncertainty in the History of a Great Lakes Environment." Environmental History (April 2006): 282-312.

Parr, Joy. "Working Knowledge of the Insensible: an embodied history of radiation protection in Canadian Nuclear Power Stations, 1962-92." Comparative Studies in Society and History (October 2006).

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