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Megaprojects: Base Gagetown and the Nerepis Valley, NB. Jon van der Veen

"Megaprojects: Base Gagetown and the Nerepis Valley shows the photographs, music, and maps of the people, farms, and woodlots expropriated during the building of the Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in the 1950's. Part of the Megaprojects New Media series created by Jon van der Veen, as discussed in Joy Parr's book 'Sensing Changes'."

Gagetown Aerial Photography

This section shows the changes on Base Gagetown, especially along Lawfied Rd and in the General Manoeuvre area, by displaying diachronic aerial photography from 1945, 1962, and 2002.

The Scott's Farma and Lands

This section shows photographs and music relating to Raymond and Lydia Scott, former residents along Lawfield road whose farmland was expropriated for the building of Base Gagetown.


Photographs of Jersey cattle and related events in the area.


Photographs of the Lumber camps


Photographs of the Woodlots in the area.

Anniversaries 2003 and 2008

Photographs of the anniversaries of the expropriation in the Nerepis Valley. Includes photographs of residents seeing Lawfield road for the first time since expropriation.

Music and Dance

Material including photographs, music, and video of the music and dance celbration in the area, collected by Greg Marquis of the University of New Brunswick.

Hooked Mats

A collection of some of the mats that Lydia and Raymond Scott hooked.


Megaprojects New Media series by Jon van der Veen. Contact: Part of the megaprojects research by Joy Parr, as discussed in the book 'Sensing Changes' (UBC Press, 2009).